The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Episode 18 Review

Episode 18, "Endless Eight (Part 3)"


Synopsis: The exact same fucking thing that happened last episode, with different angles.


I'm seriously considering dropping this show.

Damn it, Kyoto Animation. What the hell is your problem? Three, three episodes and you still aren't finished with this single chapter-size short story? Give me a fucking break, this is trolling on a massive scale.

The first episode of it, fine, I thought. I didn't rate it high because it was just the first of what I thought was a two-part story. "Two parts," I said to myself, "that doesn't sound too bad." I enjoyed the activities of the SOS Brigade for another episode, taking in the beautiful animation they used in the second part. As it ended, I saw the conclusion within reach. Surely Kyon would find a way to keep the cycle from repeating again, right?

Fuck no. At the end of the second part, I was impressed by the production values, but was starting to get annoyed. I still rated it high, because I thought it was finally starting to build up to the end. Surely, I thought, by the end of the next episode, by that time, we'd be at the end of the story. They can't possibly drag this story out any longer, can they? I mean, Kyon and the others have now discovered the problem, they should be able to solve it by the end of the third part.

They didn't. Fuckdamn shitcunts! END THIS FUCKING STORY.

Overall Score:

1 out of 5 (but 7/10 for trolling)

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