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Ernest Cline’s Armada - A Book Review & Comparison to Ready Player One



Ernest Cline is repeating himself, this time with with his new novel, Armada. I’ve never been one to write lengthy book reviews but this is a special situation. Ready Player One (RPO) is such a well received work that more often than not the true nature of the piece gets lost behind the glare of blind appreciation. I worry that Armada will be received the same way. While I primarily want to talk about Armada is this review, it helps to review Ready Player One as it makes for a good comparison point.


Warning! This review contains minor Ready Player One spoilers and major Armada spoilers. While neither book really has any crazy breathtaking revelations I suggest folks looking to read either from a clean slate return to this review later. Though I couldn’t fault you for skipping Armada all together...


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