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Layman's Gunpla Guide - Oil Weathering Tutorial


This tutorial was contributed to the Guide by the great Vonschlippe! You can check out some of his builds on imgur or catch him helping others on r/Gunpla. If you see him around please give him your thanks let him know what you think of the tutorial. - Falldog


There is a lot to say about oil weathering. For starters, it’s the best technique to simulate any kind of grime, residue, oily streak, dust, stain, and filth out there. It is less risky than enamel weathering because all the solvents involved are safe for plastic, and the longer drying time means more flexibility for adjustments and cleanup. It’s a great tool to add to your arsenal.


Ernest Cline’s Armada - A Book Review & Comparison to Ready Player One



Ernest Cline is repeating himself, this time with with his new novel, Armada. I’ve never been one to write lengthy book reviews but this is a special situation. Ready Player One (RPO) is such a well received work that more often than not the true nature of the piece gets lost behind the glare of blind appreciation. I worry that Armada will be received the same way. While I primarily want to talk about Armada is this review, it helps to review Ready Player One as it makes for a good comparison point.


Warning! This review contains minor Ready Player One spoilers and major Armada spoilers. While neither book really has any crazy breathtaking revelations I suggest folks looking to read either from a clean slate return to this review later. Though I couldn’t fault you for skipping Armada all together...


Layman's Gunpla Guide - Decanting Paint Tutorial