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M61A5 Semovente MBT - Complete

2012 may not be over but my latest project, the 1/35 Hard Graph Semovente tank from Gundam's Universal Century's, has been wrapped up.


M61A5 Semovente - FIN 10


As usual, my blabbering about the project first and the rest of the pictures are down below.

M61A5 Semovente MBT - WIP 2 - Ready for Weathering

After about 20 days of work my Semovente is ready for weathering. For the most part things went well. The colour scheme looks okay and aside from a few areas where my paint coats were too thick the digital camo looks pretty good. Paint went well on everything else. I did lose a few pieces somehow, including a bit of handle bar that goes on the rear of the kit. I may try to recreate it if I can find some piping thin enough but I'll likely just pretend it never existed in the first place ;)

Music of Note: Foals - Inhaler


Inhaler is the first track from Foals' upcoming third album, Holy Fire, set to be released Feb 2013. For more info check out Wikipedia.


Music of Note: Turbowolf - Electric Feel (MGMT cover)


M61A5 Semovente MBT - WIP 1

Wooh, how about some WIP shots of my Semovente MBT? (How do you pronounce Semovente anyway?) But first, commentary!


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