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Pre-Shading Experimentation

I haven't been taking a break from modeling as much as slowly destroying one of the best kits Bandai has ever released, the Master Grade Zaku II 2.0. This one, specifically, is a Johnny Ridden version that's been in various stages of completion since at least 2010. Just recently I decided it would be the perfect sacrifice for practicing new techniques and generating new tutorials.

Max Scoville's Study Hall - Giant Robots! Titanfall, Pacific Rim, & More!

While appropriate on its own considering this weekend's release of Pacific Rim it's always good to see yet another person calling the NGE/Pacific Rim comparisons bullshit. Enjoy...



OR Joint Review - Man of Steel



Falldog: Thanks for checking out Otaku Revolution’s review of The Man of Steel. Normally we don’t do movie reviews around here (not sure that we’ve done one ever, actually) but Neon and I felt that in light of the poor critical response that we take the time to write up our commentary on the film. We both liked it. I thought it was fantastic and way better than this year’s Iron Man 3. And I’m saying that as a long time Superman fan.

Metal Gear REX - Finished

For info on this build visit otakurevolution.com/content/metal-gear-rex-finished


After about two weeks of painting and delays my Metal Gear REX from Kotobukiya is finally finished. It was certainly a nice change of pace from working on Gunpla and I'm really glad how things turned out. REX really is a fine kit and I feel like I treated him well. For those interested in a full review of the kit, or to see the before photos, click here.

Nu Gundam v.Ka - Finishing Funnels

I finished painting these awhile ago but never took proper photos. My Nu Gundam is now officially complete thanks to some finishing touches funnels.


MG Nu Gundam ver Ka - Fin2 1


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