Lupin III Part V Episode 04 Review

Episode 04, "Zenigata's Pride and the Desert Dust"


Synopsis:  Fujiko Mine joins the Lupin Game, but before she can shoot our monkey-like marauder, Inspector Zenigata arrives to save him and Ami. Although he provides a friendly ride to Lupin, he does plan to drive him somewhere he can legally arrest him, but Lupin takes it in stride. The three are forced to trek through a desert on foot, evading a warlord's forces, before reaching the border. But can they make it across before their luck runs out and the Lupin Game is won? It's a race to the edge with a shocking ending!


Lupin III Part V Episode 02 Review

Episode 02, "The Lupin Game"


Synopsis:  Millions of people are after Lupin III, and he's about to oblige them, big time! After narrowly escaping police custody, our favorite band of thieves travels to a country the ICPO can't follow and makes a public name for themselves on social media, hoping to oversaturate their presence until public interest in 'Lupin Game' wanes. While it does work for a while, their pursuers from the dark web decide it's a great way to target them with an all-star lineup of assassins! Can Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, and their new friend Ami evade the murderous monsters... and stay relevant? Let's hope at least one of the two!

Otaku Evolution Episode 108 - Year End English Dub Review IV

It's been quite a year here on Otaku Evolution. Shuffling videos from platform to platform because of Copyright Dragons, re-recording reviews for quality, reaching my 100th episode, and just generally being exhausted and largely unsuccessful. I may have extended my viewer base, though, which means I think now... *checks notes* 12 people regularly watch these. Maybe by this time next year, I'll have 16! Grabbing for that brass ring.


But anyway, as usual, this is a review of the English dubs for the anime I covered since my Mid Season English Dub Review plus some of that wonderful bookend material I love to afflict upon myself and others. Flying fortresses! Penguins! Plot threads from my old comic strips nobody will remember!


At least none of the dubs were too bad. Or is that a shame? I can't tell.

Otaku Evolution Episode 80 - Lupin III: The Columbus Files

Time to look at those robbery rascals, those lavish larcenists, the Lupin gang, with the TV special, 1999's The Columbus Files (originally Love's Da Capo: Fujiko's Unlucky Days)! Honestly, it's not Lupin III's finest hour. Or Fujiko's. Or director Shinichi Watanabe's. To say the least!

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Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 23 (Italy 25) Review

"World Dissection, Part 1"


Synopsis: Leonardo da Vinci is ready to unveil his greatest masterpiece: World Harmony. Putting the population of the Italian Peninsula to sleep with an audio signal, the Renaissance Man traps each person, including Lupin's group, in a challenge at whatever they are best at, to gauge their worthiness to live in the new world he plans to build. Is Lupin up to the challenge? Is everyone else? A mind is a terrible thing to waste on this penultimate episode of the new Lupin series!


Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 22 (Italy 24) Review

"I'm Going to Get You, Lupin"


Synopsis: Rebecca Rosellini is determined to steal Lupin III! Challenging Lupin, she springs trap after trap to capture and claim our sideburned stealer. Lupin is nonplussed by the matter, as he has his own mission, and is breaking into a secession of tanks to obtain a certain bill. However, Rebecca's snares become increasingly elaborate, and Lupin may actually be caught! Will Rebecca collect the ultimate prize? Hail to the thief in this competition where even a safe isn't very safe!


Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 21 (Italy 22) Review

"From Japan With Love"


Synopsis: Lupin jets off to Japan when it seems like Fujiko's in danger, but as usual, it's a ruse by her to get him to steal something for her. Unexpectedly, however, it turns out the ruse is on her as well, because it was all a trap by Detective Ackechi Holmes Kousuke to capture Lupin without her knowledge! While Lupin is in captivity, Fujiko scrambles to correct her mistake and prove that underestimating her is a mistake! It's a contest of deception as the woman called Fujiko Mine shows she's every bit as formidable as the man who loves her!


Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 20 (Italy 21) Review

"To Hear You Sing Again"


Synopsis: A Fiat 500 "Topolino" that was owned by singer Nora Anita is stolen by none other than Lupin III! The singer is close to death and her husband simply wanted to get rid of it, but the broker insists no harm come to it in any attempt to recover it, hindering Inspector Zenigata. Lupin has partnered with Fujiko to fence the car, but all is not as it seems, and a romantic Lupin may have his own reasons for stealing it. On the road of time, can fond memories keep the motor running? Lupin goes on a drive singing "Let's Go For A Walk" in this mellow but emotional new caper!


Lupin III (2015) Episode JP 19 (Italy 20) Review

"Dragons Sleep Soundly"


Synopsis: Just when he thought he was out, they pull him back in! Nix's short-lived retirement dissolves when his boss, Gibons, forces him into a mission to retrieve a disc with a list of MI6 agents stolen by a mercenary named Fox. Fox is having trouble decoding the disc, and now both Nix and Lupin are looking to steal it from him. The world's greatest thief is tired of having British intelligence on his back, and having the list would be a trump card. But MI6 is determined to either recover the disc or kill everyone reaching for it. Can Lupin beat the odds and get the list or will Fox kill him irst? Or will Nix? Or will...? When the Dragon Tail's been stepped on, it's bound to bite!


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