Dragon Ball Z Kai- Episode 13 Review

Episode 13, "Here Comes The Kaioken! Goku's Limit vs Vegeta!"


Synopsis: Nappa, called out of the fight by Vegeta, instead targets Gohan and Kuririn, but Goku uses the Kaioken technique he learned from Kaio to immobilize him. Vegeta, fed up with Nappa's incompetence, kills him. Goku and Vegeta fly off to a more remote area to do battle. Goku uses the Kaioken and seems to match Vegeta at first, but Vegeta begins to come back in force, and Goku struggles to keep up. Seeing no choice, Goku strains his body to use Kaioken to the third power, against Kaio's advice.


This is probably my favorite episode of the series thus far, and I really can't believe they've gotten so far so soon. I mean, in the original run, it took 30 episodes to get this far. While I do miss a few of the filler flourishes, like Gohan meeting the broken robot or getting so close to home only to turn around to continue training, but getting here to the big event of the arc this quickly really made me excited. I'd say the difference between this and my stance on the newest episode of FMA: Brotherhood is that the latter breezes through a lot of pivitol, character-building material.

Goku's battle with Vegeta is probably my favorite in the series, so I'm glad the animation and color has been touched up. I'm sort of annoyed at the cropping at times, but from what I've read on DBZ fansites, the DVD version is uncropped (and uncensored), and hopefully we'll get a release here in R1 someday. The music doesn't highlight the scenes quite like the original score, either: in the original version, the battle music was more intense, more in tune with what was going on, but here it seems a little bland. It doesn't interfere, though- the action still moves fast and feels vibrant and renewed.

The only other problem I had with the episode was how Yajirobe just sort of showed up. My memory of the original is somewhat hazy, but I remember him arriving in an air car. I realize he plays a very small role in this battle, but it would have been nice to actually see him arrive. The voice is still hilarious, though.

I can't wait to see how the fight plays out with the renewed quality. If only we had the original score.

Overall Score:

4 out of 5

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