Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 12 ENGLISH DUB Review

Episode 12, "All Is One, One Is All"

Ain't love grand?


Synopsis: Edward and Alphonse arrive in Dublith, to the home of their alchemy teacher, Izumi Curtis, and her husband Sig. Izumi is angry at Edward for becoming "a dog of the state", but welcomes them anyway. Izumi casually mentions meeting the brothers' father, Hohenheim, which upsets Edward. Later that night, Edward recalls how he and his brother met Izumi when she came through Risembool and helped stop flooding with her alchemy. Ed and Al begged Izumi to train them and she left them on an island for a month with the condition of surviving without alchemy. On the island, they learned about the flow of life and recieved further training after the trial period. The next day, Ed asks Izumi about her ability to transmute without a circle, and Izumi confronts Ed and Al about their bodies. Izumi tells the brothers about her own failed attempt at human transmutation, and holds them to comfort their pain.


Largely what made this episode, dub-wise, was the return of Christine Auten as Izumi Curtis. She was one of the voices I really liked in the dub of the first series and she peformed just as strongly here, if not more, than in the first show. In fact, she's almost a perfect equivalent to the Japanese voice actress in the role. It's a real treat to hear her again.

Vic Mignogna's Edward improved a little since the previous episode, where he had been more obnoxious than ever. I'm still not a big fan of his Edward, though, and especially when he's playing the younger Edward. Maxey Whitehead, on the other hand, not only continues to knock things out of the park as Alphonse, but is a perfect voice for him as a younger child. Vic's younger Ed sounds extremely creepy.

I really, really hate how Brotherhood speeds through this part of the story, which is probably my favorite part, aside from the Ishbal war flashback (which they also screw up). I wonder if Chris Patton will be as dull as he was before as Greed next episode.

Overall Score: 4 out of 5

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