First off, my apologies if your accounts are missing in action. A clean copy of the DB was made a few weeks ago, edits were made against that copy, and was used for this version of the site. If you registered at the old site between then and now your account no longer exists. Please register again.

Awesome New Features:
- Adult Content behind approval button. Okay, probably not the best title for it. From now on you don't have to become a registered user in order to view adult content!
- New Ads. Maybe not the most awesome feature, but they help pay for the host.
- Thumbnails that show you the images before and after the one you're viewing.
- Nifty little news mod to help me pass around important notices.

Testing Needed:
- I still have to test out the capacity of the Lightbox to see if it can handle more images than on the previous server.
- The email verification for registration didn't appear to be working. Until then I turned off verification for new user registration.

Work Left:
- Update design of News Archives page
- Add contact information
- Create custom 404 pages

If you have any questions or encounter any issues please let me know. You can reach me by posting on imgDump's shoutbox, posting here, or sending me an email @