In Defense of Shinji Ikari

No, You Do Not Have More Balls Than Shinji Ikari
by Michael Fitz-Gibbon

Neon Genesis Evangelion. It's one of my favorite animated television series. What is it about it that I enjoy so much? The action? The intrigue? The direction of certain scenes with very interesting angles and approaches? Maybe all of these, maybe none of them. Whatever it is, I enjoy it thoroughly. Is it overrated? Yeah, probably. What used to be my favorite of all time is now merely on my top ten somewhere. It's no Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

Now, Evangelion certainly has some issues. It overcomplicates its imagery with Christian symbols that mean largely nothing, relies somewhat on you picking up secondary material, annotated guides and the like, just to understand some of the concepts that were ill-utilized (a real pet peeve of mine, just read my rant on Tenchi Muyo's third OVA), and it also suffered from little continuity errors and budget cuts.

One of the things I often hear, though, when relating to some of the show's flaws is, "Why is Shinji Ikari such a pussy?" I also hear, "Man, if I were given a chance to pilot an Eva unit, I'd just be tearing shit up, kicking ass and taking names, then I'd go fuck Asuka, Rei, Misato, Ritsuko, Maya, Hikari, then hop into a time machine to have sex with Yui."

Oh, Shinji is so "emo", they say. They say he's "weak-willed". They say he should be excited about piloting a mecha and saving the world. They say he should just punch his father in the face for being a dick.

Is Shinji Ikari spineless? Is Shinji Ikari weak-willed? Does Shinji Ikari need to persevere better in the face of unbelievable odds? Uh, yeah. Of course. Shinji, like a good number of characters in the program, are director Hideaki Anno's running commentary on the shortage of communication skills being taught to Japanese youth. Shinji can't find relief. He's constantly trying to find something to hold onto, some sort of comfort so he can prove his existence. Every single member of the cast has this same issue, even the ones who seem strong in comparison to Shinji.

Still, it's a mistake to think you're any better.

I'm getting pretty sick of reading comments on the internet about how everyone would be so much more badass than Shinji Ikari. How they'd step up, and with great enthusiasm operate a giant bio-android they've never been in or know anything about to fight an unknown menace they also know nothing about, even though every time they'd fight them they would suffer physical and mental damage, without any problems or complaints. I'm sick of hearing people commenting on the show as if they were so unbelievably confident, they'd have Asuka and Rei performing felatio on them by the end of the first day on the job and by the next day they'd be building Evangelions themselves that already had S2 engines in them, then take a break to impregnate Misato in the back of her car while humming "Cruel Angel's Thesis" and punching Gendo Ikari in the throat at the same time.

These are absurd fantasies of people who truly don't understand or sympathize with the human condition at all. They don't want Evangelion. They want Gurren Lagann. They want the whimsically empty-headed super robot protagonists of Mazinger or G Gundam. And you know what? There's nothing wrong with those shows. They're vibrant. They're fun. But you aren't supposed to expect that from Evangelion. It's not what Evangelion is about. If you prefer this, then simply say, "Oh, Evangelion isn't my thing, the social commentary makes it less fun."

But really, you think you're Kamina? You think you're Kouji Kabuto? You think you're Domon Kasshu? No, I'm sorry. Most of us, even the braver ones of us, are probably more like Shinji Ikari. And even the braver ones of us who may be closer to Kouji Kabuto likely have more sympathy for Shinji Ikari than the mouth-breathing neckbeards who sit around, too cowardly to even have their own name ("Anonymous"), and talk about what a wimp Shinji Ikari is.

Shinji Ikari is sort of a coward. Shinji Ikari is sort of self-serving. He's incapable of reaching out. He's pitiful. He has troubles. He even breaks down, gets lost, has horrible moments where he does horribly cowardly things, things he regrets, because all in all, he's not a bad person.

Even given that, look at what he can do. For whatever personal reason, he pilots an Evangelion. A thing that, just to control, causes pain. And he suffers for it. And maybe because he sticks with it to fulfill his pathetic desire to fit in is what makes him pathetic. Or maybe it's what makes him so human. Whatever the case, can you really say you can do better? And if you could, would you not still be able to sympathize with this broken child? If you can't, I doubt you really are that brave.

No, you don't have more balls than Shinji Ikari. This kid has them in spades. He saved the human race from being a puddle of orange goo because he rejected the ultimate cowardly act of Instrumentality. He accepted all the agony of existence, knowing he'd continue to feel that pain.

Because that pain is living.

- Penguin Truth

Nah, if I were in Shinji's

Nah, if I were in Shinji's position... sure, I'd fantasize about doing Misato, but other than that... I'd probably go BSOD much faster, and be driven to the edge of suicide or something.

'Cause that's about 5,000,000 metric tonnes of shit to get dumped on you.

One thing's for sure, if I actually had the balls to do something... it'd be to throttle Asuka until her head turned blue. :p

Thank you, just thank you.

Thank you, just thank you. Finally someone defends the poor bastard. Sure he may be more tragic than Oedipus and Macbeth and well (insert tragic figure here) and yeah he did cause the end of the world. Shinji tho, even with all of his issues stood up and said humanity was worth it thereby saving everyone. So again, thanks for finally putting the message out there.

Er, I wouldn't go as far as

Er, I wouldn't go as far as putting him in league with Oedipus or Macbeth, but uh... yeah.

Someone had to say

Someone had to say it.
Honestly, if you look at Shinji, he is a nice, thoughtful and very talented individual. His only problem is that he doesn't know that and therefore thinks he can't do anything right.
He is that way to teach us something, so we can find our way out of our problems like he did.
I also had to watch both EoE and EoTV several times to get the meaning, but EoTV helped me to see the world in a better light, and EoE... at first it appears as if he had ended the world, but he actually saved it.
Yes, at first he was okay with the end of the world, but honestly, I don't think most of the Shinji bashers would care about the end of the world if they got their love intrest(s) killed and/or (mind)raped, had to watch their mother figure sink into desperation, were forced to hurt their best friend and then to kill the only person who ever said 'I love you' to them.

And besides, the few times Shinji actually did something heroic were much more impacting that way.
To use a popular Example, think of Naruto saving Sakura from Sasuke's attempt to stab her.
Of course, that was cool, he was fast, he has improved himself a lot usw. The usual reader will say 'wow! That kid has become so cool!' and then read on, hoping to see Sasuke getting his Ass kicked.
Now, think of Shinji saving Rei in Rebuild 2.0.
I'm sure that produced way more of a reaction within everyone here. Why? Because Naruto is a trained fighther, very brave and strong willed. He does stuff like that all day. He is a Shonen protagonist (albeit a pretty cool/wise one. I've come to respect him a lot since the Pain Arc), we EXPECT him to save the girl.
Shinji on the other hand, is just a sad kid that somebody stuffed into a big purple thing, someone who gives up easily and has always avoided decisions.
Now if he does something cool (saving Rei, rejecting instrumentality, killing Shamshel etc.) he has to overcome his own fears first.


I love every word of this. It's completely true, and I also get annoyed when people make fun of Shinji. Out of all the characters that I saw in NGE, I related to Shinji the most; because I'm a coward. I have self esteem issues, and I cling to any happiness I can get so I have a reason to live. And I'm ok with that, because I'm learning to become a stronger person and I think Shinji does too, especially at the end of the original series. Sure it takes him ages but eventually he realises his true potential and I loved that. I guess everyone else was just too impatient to wait for him.

someone who finally understand it..and I will say this:

I will say this and only once:
majority of humans are shallow & ignorant.
I'll repeat again this important conclusion: "majority of humans are shallow & ignorant."
Why, you asked?
Because simply just look at the world now,
and how much atrocities, corruption, greediness, and selfishness permeate beyond any level thinkable of any other species in this beautiful little blue Planet called Earth..!

In fact, just look NO further than the comments you've mentioned above from people, or perhaps even from your own friends.
The truth is: majority/most people just don't want to think, nor sympathize.
Humanity is pretty much hopeless..sadly.

So, is it no wonder that I can overwhelmingly relate with the character Shinji Ikari?
should be no surprise..
Shinji Ikari is REAL, he is not some fake. He is very REAL with all your emotions, struggles & pains, and he doesn't ever hide it! many people/humans can do this, especially at this so-called "modern, materialistic, capitalistic, go-getter, dog-eat-dog" crazy world we're living today?

And one more important thing: go google "free MBTI test", and just click on the 1st of 2nd link, and try out the test (it's a personality test, currently quite popular worldwide).
And if your result comes up as either "INFP" or "INFJ",..then I'm sure you'll probably become much MORE understanding of this 'complex' character..Shinji Ikari. Because the truth is, he is not alone. There are some people out there who can also relate a lot with him, I do.

Those ignorant people should really TRY to open-up their mind first, before quickly & harshly judging this character Shinji Ikari. Because if not, all the judgments will simply become a very shallow ones.


It's weird, because i've taken dozens of MBTI tests, and I've come up as ENTP about 95% of the time (INTP the other 5). Despite this, Shinji is the character that I've related to most in all of fiction. I love Shinji Ikari

This is all so very, very

This is all so very, very true. I don't really have much to say, just that I agree with the article and the comments here <3

Blah blah blah

I do understand when someone had a bad childhood, but it is very annoying to watch every episode, where he cries like a pus*y all the time. It was in the past, and everything that was in the past should stay in the past. Only weak people cry all the time and don't have the courage to smash with the fist on the table and say "Let's make a new beginning!". So, due the fact he has a troubled childhood, I understand it is not pleasant at all, but come on!?!? How long will you be a coward?!
You can defend him as long as you want, but he is a huge pus*y!!!

It's okay, this is the

It's okay, this is the internet. You can say pussy here.

Though there's a certain element in referring to someone as pussy while halfheartedly trying to censor themselves.

Internet Tough Guy, everyone.

Internet Tough Guy, everyone.

How long he has depends on

How long he has depends on his support amount. As you could tell in the anime, not much existed. Just be thankful Rebuild is at least attempting to fix that.

"It was in the past, and

"It was in the past, and everything that was in the past should stay in the past."
Perhaps it should, but that isn't the way it works. The mistakes you make in the past continue to haunt you, the things you did wrong affect what you do the next time. A scar is left from every accident, be it mental or physical. "It's in the past, so that scar on your body should just disappear." You wouldn't say that, would you? A mental scar is the same way. It stays, even if you can't see it. Being abandoned at a young age would surely cause such a scar. A scar cannot heal if the people around you insist on constantly tearing open the wound, which is what Gendo does to Shinji through his insistence that he be used as a tool for piloting the Evangelion.

And piloting a huge, experimental biomech, fighting through intense physical and emotional pain and dealing with people who either can't or won't try to understand your situation at all certainly qualifies someone as cowardly. Why did I not see that before? Because cowardice is defined as facing something even though you are afraid. There is no way that constitutes bravery, is there? And please, do not take me literally here.

My problem with Shinji is

My problem with Shinji is that, well, okay i'll admit I was coming off of Code Geass and Gurren Lagann, so my expectations were a little high. I was expecting him to be a pussy for a while, realistically because, giant robots, fights to the death and all that. But then I thought he would grow past that and become an awesome person, that never really happened for me. I saw him go from being a pussy, to being less of a pussy,in the rebuild that was a whole other story, and that scene where he jerks it all over Asuka's comatose body is fucking sick. But i'm straying from the topic at hand. Heh, at hand. SO yeah, Shinji was a wimpy, spineless kid and then he just kind of became less spineless, I didn't see him grow into it really, It was just, "Hey, I'm less of a pussy now and can actually pilot this giant robot!"

I don't think I would be a Kamina, but I do think that I would fight a little harder from the get go because, I really do not want to die, If I am put in a position of power where I can resist my impending death, I would fight like fucking hell. I know this. This is a tested fact. I feel like if Shinji was going to develop as a character, that first fight should have been where he went all "Holy shit, I don't wanna die!" Instead of his robot/mom/fuckingcreepyentity going berserk and saving his ass.

IIIII'm pretty certain he was

IIIII'm pretty certain he was knocked out after the first fight, causing Yui to come out in the first place.

But yes, the series would have actually did a bit better if Shinji was more "I don't wanna die," it would draw a lot less complaints. Although I really think the problem lies in the secondary cast. If they actually got over their own problems (the adults most preferably), then they would have helped Shinji out.

The secondary cast theory: a main character cannot develop without a good secondary cast.

Is there anything about the

Is there anything about the english dub of Eva that you do like or is it a lost cause in your mind?
How do you feel about the end of eva dub do you feel the english cast improved at all?

The script seems pretty

The script seems pretty accurate and isn't littered with a lot of cheesy localized humor or out-of-character dialogue. And I enjoyed Tristan MacAvery's Gendo Ikari.

My least favorite voices are

My least favorite voices are from Kurt Stroll and Brett Weaver when it comes to the English Dub.Kurt's voice was way to goofy sounding and Brett Weaver's voice was fine it was just his acting was all over the place there were times when he was decent and other times when he was off by a mile.
I do like Laura Chapman's Naoko Akagi she has this real deep voice that stood out from the voice cast and I also like Kim Sevier's Yui Ikari she has a pleasant sounding voice a good majority of the voice cast doesn't do anything now days Tristan MacAvery had a falling out with ADV and moved to New York & is currently writing books on all kinds of strange subjects I doubt he will ever voice act again.
When was the last time you watched Eva with the english dub?

I watch Evangelion pretty

I watch Evangelion pretty much every year, and every year I give the dub a go for at least a couple of episodes. It's fucking painful, acting-wise. Spencer and Grant are my biggest problems with it.

Favorite Evangelion

Favorite Evangelion episodes?
I personally don't have a problem with Spencer but Grant can get a bit to high pitched now and then but I thought she gave one of the best performances of her voice over career in the end of Evangelion film a vast improvement indeed is it just me or was Spencer a little to throaty at the end of Eva 2.0 not that it was bad just a different take on the scene that I wasn't expecting!


You're right most people would be like Shinji. People are just as cowardly as he is and probably just as graceless... in the beginning. Eventually people acclimatize to the situation they're in, they get used to it and suck it up. They get down to business and do what needs to be done if they have no choice, and that's what everyone else does in the series, except him! The problem is Shinji finds an alternative to fight or don't fight: he runs away and abdicates his responsibilities, leaving others to clean up after him. People say he's a pussy because he has a " I mustn't run away" attitude yet he constantly does run away.

All that aside, even if he is going through a lot, so is everyone else in the series! He's just the only one who is always crying,bitching and moaning about how hard it is. Think of it this way: Say you're with three of your friends building a house, but one of them keep complaining about how it's so hard and how hot it is outside and he eventually just helps sometimes. But you're doing the same work in the same conditions and not complaining, because you know your work has to get done. That friend is a pussy, a weakling and a non contributing member of that group. That is largely what Shinji is. Does Shinji do some good thing? Yeah of course, but he's still a pussy, at least compared to everyone else in the show... including the penguin

Nobody who pilots an Eva can

Nobody who pilots an Eva can be considered a pussy. That he does it at all shows he's brave.

Ok, I'm just making this here

Ok, I'm just making this here because I don't necessarily agree with your argument. No offense, but I'm not convinced.

There is only an "in the beginning" if people actually do something about it. No one can truly acclimatize without knowing how. That's what other people are for: they help you develop, they show you what you do wrong, they help you learn from your mistakes! No one in the secondary cast, except for one, did that for Shinji! No one guided him, no one taught him, he was just left by himself as if he was expected to know everything right in the beginning, but he didn't! That's the point!

As for his "responsibilities," what responsibilities does he have for something that forced him into doing it? He knew nothing of what was going to happen before the damn battle started! The only reason he accepted was because Rei was too hurt to fight and she would die piloting if he didn't. That's blackmail! If you were put into something that you were blackmailed into joining, then you would want a way to leave too!

Hell, he was left with only a teacher when he was a kid! That's not all you need in order to grow up in life. You need a guardian to help you in what you need to learn, you can't just simply be taught and be expected to know after the lesson. Give one praise for what he does and he'll continue doing it, perhaps even surpass it! But tell one nothing and he'll continue being unsure and won't know what to do. The ability to learn is given through guidance and teachings, not just the latter.

As for everyone else, you give them credit they don't deserve. They had the luxury of being guided and taught! Logically, they're the ones expected to get over their problems. They're supposed to know what to do. The thing is, they don't. They're even worse. They never learned from their pasts. They never gotten over their troubles. They're utter hypocrites to boot! Shinji's the one who's vocal about his problems and makes it clear that he wants someone to help him. Everyone else may not say how hard their lives are, but that's not always a good thing! They all try to bottle their problems up without relying on anyone only to end up destroying themselves in the end!

And Shinji never ran away from a fight. True, he may have been beaten, he may have even messed up, and he may even lost a few times, but he never ran! In fact, he actually stood his ground in a battle and even won! And out of battle, the only times that you would consider "running away" would be after Misato lectures him after he disobeyed her orders with the second Angel or after he quit after the Dummy Plug incident. Even then, with the former, Misato realized that Shinji was leaving because he believed that after her lecture, he thought she, the one person who was the nicest to him at the time, told him to leave and with the latter, Shinji was angered at how his father just casually treated the life of his friend as pointless and came back because Kaji, the one other person to actually give Shinji advice without any conditions whatsoever, gave him advice that actually taught Shinji something that wasn't nothing, and faced Zeruel... which of course led to Shinji's ultimate moment of desperation and will to live, thus leading to another Berserk Eva.

As for the secondary cast being the ones in the wrong, not only is Gendo Ikari a coward who ran away from his responsibilities as a father and abandons his own son, his last remaining link to his wife, in favor of delusions of wanting his wife by his side again to the point of making a clone of her with angel DNA and uses a woman who was jealous of said wife for satisfaction and uses her daughter for the same once the mother is offed, he covers this up by acting like a strict and orderly man leading an organization made for the sole purpose of saving the world. He pretends to be a magnificent bastard who plays all the people around him like pawns when in reality he's no more than a lying weasel who has a way with words so that nobody can argue with him nor comprehend his true nature, thereby only making his emotionally disabled son even more confused when he either gives rare moments of complimenting him or just plain doesn't care nor acknowledge that Shinji's his own flesh and blood. But what really makes Gendo Ikari a worse character by emotional standards is when he's finally denied his chance in End of Evangelion. Now that he's lost everything he had of ever seeing his wife again, he finally confesses that he ran away from Shinji because he was afraid of hurting him and he didn't know what to do without Yui by his side to raise Shinji. The kicker here is that if Gendo got what he wanted at the very end, HE NEVER WOULD HAVE REALIZED IT. Gendo is an utterly selfish man who never realizes his mistakes until the last minute. Being so petty, he doesn't deserve the title of Magnificent Bastard, much less the right to be the Big Bad of the series.

What makes Rei a hypocrite is while she asks if Shinji is either willing to understand his father or not, she fails nor even attempts to understand why Shinji has feelings against his father in the first place; in order for Gendo to do much for her, a clone of his wife and an easily sacrificial puppet for his own ends, he had to do nothing for his son, his own flesh and blood and last remaining link to his wife.

From the first time Misato appears on screen, she looks like she's probably the only one who's trying to be nice and at least caring about Shinji's welfare; even when hearing that Gendo was going to have Shinji live by himself in his own apartment, she instead takes him to live with her so she can help him. Sounds like a good idea, right? Shinji really needs the emotional support that all main characters need from the secondary characters, so this HAS to be good, right??

Nnnope. In fact, she doesn't know how to be a proper guardian. She's an alcoholic, she never cleans up after herself, she rigs it so Shinji gets the chores (which Shinji is apparently okay with despite the fact that it isn't fair), is conflicted between hating and loving her ex-lover, has a bratty girl move in with her and Shinji that ends up stealing Shinji's room, and there are even moments when she's being too harsh on him (like when he disobeyed her orders to run and instead killed the angel so he could save the lives of two other students). She's more like a big sister than a proper mother. But considering sometimes that's for laughs, Misato should still be a good character, right?

Wrong. We then find out in more detail how Misato's relationship is with her own father. Back when she was about Shinji's age, she hated her father because he was never around for her and her mother and still disliked him when he made a last effort to be in good graces by having Misato come along in the Katsuragi expedition in the South Pole. Then when Second Impact began happening, he saved her life by placing her in a pod and sending her off while he died in the disaster. Since then, she hasn't even spoken until she was in high school and through college, seemingly making a full recovery. Then we find that one of the reasons Misato went out with Kaji, her ex-lover, in the first place is because he resembles her father. For all her life, Misato has never been able to get over the event and has only run away from herself by taking in things that resemble her only to sometimes push them away! And for her revenge against the angels that were responsible for Second Impact and killing her father, she knows that only people born after the impact could pilot the Evangelions, so she uses Shinji as a tool for her revenge, her only excuse for a justification being that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Yeah, sure, that could work IF the pilots weren't the ones that needed help! For pete's sake, hasn't she been paying attention to the plight of the children she's supposed to be taking care of? She's a hypocrite when telling Shinji that he needs to realize that the truth hurts when she's been running from the truth herself and was pushing others away. She pretends to help despite the fact that she doesn't know shit about how to help herself!

We can already call Asuka out on her bitchy attitude, her arrogance, her ego, and her oversized pride. Those are given. But MANY fans seem to look over all her bad qualities because she's outwardly what they want. There's only one problem with their argument though: being what they want does not excuse how one acts. We're apparently supposed to sympathize with her because not only was her father cheating on his own wife for another woman, her mother got absorbed by Evangelion Unit 02, like Shinji's mother Yui with Unit 01, only to come back with her maternal quality lost and believed that a doll was her daughter, later hanging both herself and the doll. Asuka was of course traumatized by this, but since she had more familiarity with NERV, she was trained to become a pilot throughout her childhood and even passed college when she should've been in high school. So since she lost her childhood and was trained to be a pilot and not much else, that should logically make her mature for someone her age, right?

For some reason, she doesn't. In fact, she actually lets the fact that she's a pilot take over her head and makes her believe that, just by being an Evangelion pilot, she's better than everyone else and is much more of an adult. If anything, she's the most childish. She can't tolerate the fact that Shinji's more competent and a better pilot than she is and resorts to insulting him or belittling him to save her own pride. She even whines about things that don't go her way like how she can't go on a school trip because as a pilot she has to be nearby to respond to an incoming angel threat at all times. She treats the whole thing as more of a show just to display how "great" she is and how "better" she is than anyone. She cares little to nothing about the safety of the human race or even what should happen to the planet per chance they fail. She never realizes her mistakes nor does she ever learn from them. She never proves that she even learned anything from her education; she just brags that she did. And for all her talk about Rei being doll, she herself never realizes that she's become what her shell of a mother mistook for her. A doll. For all her life, she was never asked if being a pilot was what she wanted or what she would ever want. She was never shown anything else but piloting and knowledge required for it. She was molded into NERV's perfect doll, a girl who willingly does her job without ever questioning why. And when people can tell that she has problems, she pushes them away by being unnecessarily harsh and rude. In fact, most of Shinji's problems are because of her!

He feels somewhat at home with Misato early in the series? She moves in and steals his room forcing him to take the smaller room.

Her excuse for disobeying orders and charging in on the dual-splitting angel which results in her being overtaken? She blames Shinji for "ruining her big entrance into Tokyo-3."

They try the dancing practice to train against said angel? She beat him once for not keeping up with her despite the fact she was going too fast for him.

Shinji politely denying to comment about Asuka's breasts? She calls him boring even though SHE was the one who was teasing him about her breasts and thermal expansion in the first place!

Shinji gets a higher score and is actually feeling happier about it? Asuka jealously goads him into going into the frontlines and attacking the zebra-ball angel which results in him being entrapped in the angel and is even more messed up than before.

Right after Shinji visits Yui's grave? Back at the apartment, she goads Shinji into kissing her and doesn't even let him breathe before letting the kiss go and rushes off to the bathroom to wash her mouth, then confusing Shinji even more about what she thinks.

Nearly everything Shinji does to make him great, Asuka goes and fucks it up.

Ritsuko is also a hypocrite by saying that she will not be like her mother, but she ends up doing the same thing anyway! She cares nothing about human life nor that psychological well-being of the pilots; just their capabilities. In fact, she screws with Shinji's mind again by revealing that Rei is a clone of his mother, making him even more confused of what to think! All to just screw over Gendo's plans and she gets put in the brig.

And then there's Hikari, Kensuke, Toji, the bridge bunnies Shigeru, Makoto, and Maya, Kozo Fuyutsuki and Pen-Pen. You think that they're better than Shinji? Then let me ask you this: what do they do? Other than Toji getting to pilot an EVA to help his sister but ends up being screwed over by an Angel and a Dummy Plug and gets put in the hospital himself, dead in the manga? Nothing. They do absolutely nothing. Their only purpose is to serve in the background, most of the time being comic relief in Pen-Pen's case. Kozo seems to be the only person who has regrets with working with NERV yet he still does nothing and doesn't even consider the thought of attempting to redeem himself for his mistakes. Shinji's better than these characters because he at least does things!

The only way this secondary cast could work is if they were part of a Black Comedy, like HotDiggityDemon's Jerry. The secondary cast was a bunch of dicks and the main character was on the receiving end of their problems and blame, but they were likeable because it was meant to be funny. But the secondary cast of Evangelion isn't likeable because they don't work in any form. With a drama, you're supposed to sympathize with them despite the mistakes they make. They're supposed to be redeemable. They at least help the main character along. But they aren't! They're hypocrites, they do nothing to even help the main character at all, and they don't have excuses as to why they don't. The secondary cast is a pile of crap.

And as for your building analogy, I'm going to have to call bullshit. True, the work may have to get done, but at the very least you could be doing that work to get a reward! If that friend who wasn't working as much was reminded of the reward he was going to get when it was done, then he would at least be more motivated to do it despite circumstances. It's not the most generous thing in the world to do, but it has its benefits! If Shinji was promised rewards for his work, or at the very least given praise for doing a good job, then you would've liked him more. Besides, he's the one who does most of the cooking and cleaning in Misato's apartment anyway.

Physical injuries can heal. Physical injuries can be treated. What Shinji suffers isn't so much the physical, but dear lord the psychological beatings. With attacks to the psyche, there is a higher possibility of being permanently affected to the point of a complete change. No thanks to the efforts of a completely useless and hypocritical secondary cast, Shinji Ikari is left unable to properly socialize much less see himself as a good boy. Without proper guidance, he was unable to develop and was stuck alone thinking that he wasn't good enough and only wishes to at least be of some use to people and even wishes to at least be told he was liked; he also doesn't care whether or not Gendo loves him or hates him in the end, Shinji only wants to at least be acknowledged by his father as his son and not some tool. From my explanation of Gendo earlier, you can tell Gendo's not that smart.

And that's what I have to say about it. I respect your opinion, it's a really honest one, but I just don't agree with it. Moreover, using "pussy" and "weakling" is just an excuse to insult people just to make yourself superior to something else. Just drop the ego-pleasing words and whenever you want to call someone out, use more logical words like "incompetent," "pointless," "idiotic," or what you used, "non-contributing" among others. Because even the scardey-cats are liked (IE Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Courage, Donald Duck, Daffy Duck, etc.) for their personality.

Woah. Longest comment ever.

Woah. Longest comment ever.

My opinion on Shinji

I love Shinji. I don't understand why people think he's an annoying character. To me, he is a relatable character, and he's a character that you feel bad for. If you are looking for annoying anime characters, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are three of those characters that i can't stand. No offense Naruto lovers. I'm just saying people don't understand how much pain and suffering Shinji's going. If he cries, I don't blame him. People call him emo because he cries. If you saw your mother get killed by a robot, your father hating you and abandoning you, being forced to pilot a robot that you never learned before, and forced to kill your best friend, you would be crying too. So, to all you haters who don't give a shit about Shinji's past, or don't give a shit about my comment, i will play the world's smallest violin just for you. To all the people who love Shinji, thank god i'm not the only one who loves him :).


It's pretty pathetic that even having the context of being Unit 01's pilot specified for everyone there are disgusting individuals who clamber on about Shinji being a bitch.

Those sorts of sad, ignorant people are almost always the same type of assholes who go on about one of their friends or family trying or succeeding in suicide as "cowards" and "selfish".

Yet they ignore that it's almost always their type of individual that refused to reach out and try and help them because it was "too much" or "not their problem".

Shinji Ikari is just scum. It

Shinji Ikari is just scum. It is not about being more badass than him its about

NOT jerking yourself off with an unconscious girl in front of you.

Its about NOT letting that girl die in front of you before you do shit about it.

Shinji Ikari was designed to be despised.

He is not hated because of his cowardice, he is hated because of his

awful self-centered personality.

If i could meet Shinji Ikari in person i would kill him and make him suffer before he dies.

Internet Tough Guy: Because

Internet Tough Guy: Because Your E-Peen Craves Bravado

Defending Shinji

As a character, Shinji seems to draw an awful lot of fire online for not spontaneously being badass and saving the day, the way that True Heroes are supposed to... in spite of the fact that, as far as I can see, he has been deliberately denied all of the resources, guidance and training he'd need in order to be able to even imagine doing so. Or let me put it this way: the way I see it, ever since he was a child, Shinji's entire life has been deliberately designed to be one long, unrelenting Mind Rape. Given that, are we really all that surprised that - when push comes to shove - he folds?


Firstly... saw anonymoose and had to reference another show.. wonder how many people will know it. That aside... interesting rant, couldn't help but be incapable of breathing for a short while as I laughed and rolled about during said rant. I can understand Shinji's position. He is not trained in any way. People can claim they'd be just as bad ass as Heero Yuy, or Domon Kashu, or any of those pilots. But people forget... Heero was basically raised on war and death. It doesn't bother him. Fighting is a part of Domon's life as well. Shinji though.. is just a normal person, like you or I. He isn't hardened. And to be thrown into a suit by a father who seemingly does not give a rats ass about you until you're useful (And personally yes I would throat punch and then nut jab that sorry excuse for a parent myself but that's just me personally, nothing with being tough.. but that was how my real father was.)

And I don't know about any of the other "Tough" guy's out there who claim they'd gladly jump into that suit. But while I'd do it if I needed too... I can't say experiencing pain every time something happens to the suit or what have you would have a real lasting appeal. At the same time we all have to remember that everyone has their own fantasy. Hell everyone plays games like Medal of Duty: Call to Honor (Yes That was a joke). And they believe that fighting is a game. I was actually in the Military and I can safely say, unless you have some screws loose in your head, it is not easy to contemplate shooting someone. *Shrugs* Dunno if any of that makes sense....

re: shinji's mom

shinji's mother is made up as the victim of a horrible accident throughout the series and movie. but there are times where she is shown to be in control of her actions, most notably in the movie - her conversation her old professor and ikari's 2nd in command. ultimately, it's this accident that motivates every action taken up until, and including the evangelion finally (i.e.-instrumentality). therefore, that b1tch is the one MOST culpable for the direction things go throughout the story(except for genzo, he is a massive-gayfag, and deserved more than just being eaten by shinji's b1tch mother).

shinji's still a pussy

Yes piloting an eva is probably one of the more physically and mentally damagings exsperiences when it comes to anime robots as a whole but even still shinji could at least take a note from asuka in shadowing pain for power. Here you have a girl who's a complete bitch but retains the full memories of her mothers death and channels it in her stride for self worth everyone in the series shares. Shinji could at the very least channel his frustration and confusion to anger and false confedience, but given his connection to unit 01 and its likliness to go berserk shinji being a pussy is more convient to the story. whether we like it or not yes shinji is a coward only fighting because he's told and hasn't the stability of self realization needed to take control of his situation. but hey whenyour choices are fight like a berserk pussy or die like a crying coward what do you exspect from the kid? in any case id enjoy at least one reality where even after making a worldy devistating mistake he doesn't bitch up a become even more of a husk then he is. but hey obviously we like the series pussy protaganist or not.

Asuka is a cunt not a role model

Asuka may like fighting and channels er aggression, but she eventually succumbs to her own pain. It is also interesting to note that Asuka's desire for combat was a defense mechanism, a method to prove to the world she was worth something, to contradict her mother's insane predictions. It did not have "positive", "healthy" roots. Asuka does not overcome; she represses her trauma. It all comes back to haunt her. The girl screaming, "I hate everything!" is hardly an example of someone in control of her life and her pain. To some, Shinji's difference from so many expected desires and images may overwhelm his characterization, so that only his flaws are noticed, and Shinji therefore becomes nothing more than his faults. Shinji is one of the aspects that made Evangelion special and your hypocrisy is nauseating.

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