Mechanicore - Tief Stürmer/Deep Striker Kit Review Part 5: Arms, I-Field Generator, and Secondary Gun (Steps 10, 11, 12, and 17)

Welcome back to my multi-part review of the of Mechanicore’s 1/100 scale Tief Stürmer. In this section I'm going to discuss the arms, rifle, and I-Field generator.



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Common Issues

This is a quick list of the common issues on the build. They apply pretty much across the board and pop up so much that I'd probably go crazy trying to specifically mention each time it occurs throughout the build.

  • Beware pegs and holes with fitment issues. Whenever inserting pegs watch to make sure that the peg actually fit. Quite often they're too large for the hole they're supposed to go into. This can be resolved by a properly sized drill bit (use an hand held driver instead of an electric one, or be very careful, to avoid going through the other side of the piece) or with a fine round metal file to widen it from the inside out.
  • Beware pieces who's sprue connection often coexists with an important piece. In other words, runners have been connected to the pieces themselves in areas that are also happen to be connection points to other parts of the kit. Never cut flush with the plastic to get it off the runner (which you shouldn't be doing anyway. For the second cut, make sure you check out the part and how it's going used to make sure you don't lop off something important.
  • Beware pieces with subtle flashing around the connection points. Connection points may have subtle flashing issues that result in a poor fit. If something doesn't quite work like it should, make sure this is not the case before proceeding. Use of a hobby knife is recommended to clean these areas up.

Build Notes

  • There are quite a few piece that really should be glued into place. Since I intend to go back and paint I'm holding things together with masking tape.
  • Because I'm going back and repainting I'm not applying any of the metal detail parts at this point. When I finish the build, and add them, I'll add any additional thoughts regarding their application to this review.





The arms are pretty basic. Aside from the shoulders, they're pretty much ripped straight from the original MG S-/Ex-S Gundam. Now pointless transformation gimmicks and all. The TS does come with fully articulating hands, which is good, but no support for notched weapons, which is bad.

In step 10.5 I want to make a special note of pegs not fitting in their hole for pieces 19-24/27 and 37A-8. There’s quite a bit of fragility on 19-24/27 and I feel like trying to force the issue (without a bit of modification) into 37A-8 is a risky business.

Also, still in 10.5, make note of which side you put on 31-30 and 31-31. If they don’t seem to fit right, you’ve got ‘em on the wrong side.

In step 10.6, you should insert piece 23-16 found in the next step 10.7 here. Otherwise the placement (and fit) for piece 21-24 stinks.





Pretty generic, sort of boring looking compared to the original rifle and the rest of the kit. Guess having another flashy rifle would've been a tad much.

Nothing too special to report on here, other than parts 29-16/17 need to be glued in.  I don't see how they were expected to stay on without it.

There, of course, is no notch on the rifle's handle. There's no way the hand is going to grasp the rifle and actually hold on without modification.




I-Field Generator



Nothing much to report on here either. The three prongs on the front don't line up/space evenly for me. Not sure if that's a mistake on my part or just another in a long line of engineering issues with this kit.

It's also heavy. Heavy enough that, with the way the arm is designed, it can't possibly support this add-on without some major joint strengthening.







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