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Building a MG Unicorn without Instructions

I've got quite a few Master Grade Unicorn Gundams in my collection. By last count I'm at 12 including the Banshee variants. When I picked up the last three for a bit of a project I was challenged on Reddit to build one without the manual. It wasn't the first time someone threw that task out there so I thought I'd give it a go.

Preparation was easy, take all the of the runners with applicable parts and cut & trim all the pieces. I didn't do any of the weapons because I haven't decided whether I'm going to use them or trade them out quite yet. I've already got more Beam Magnum rounds than I know what to do with. I made things a bit more difficult for myself by including both the Ver. Ka and OVA parts in the mix.


MG Banshee - Unboxing Impressions


I just wanted to take a quick minute to share my early impressions of the latest member of my MG Gundam Unicorn collection, the Master Grade Banshee. P.S. Be forewarned, it's incredibly late after a long day at work and this article is probably full of incoherent sentences and half finished thoughts.

MG Detal Plus - Foot Fix

In my earlier review of the Delta Plus I mentioned that the feet have a habit of collapsing forward due to the weight and a loose joint in the foot. Since then it seems that I'm not the only one to experience the issue and figure it worthwhile to offer up some suggestions. I'm sure there will be more advanced solutions from the more experienced community members but what I offer are quick fixes. Nothing spectacular, nothing glamorous, but more than enough to mitigate the issue.


Fix 1 - Super Glue

As I mentioned in my review I figure the super glue trick might be able to help with the foot issue. After giving it a go I've found the results very satisfactory...


MG Delta Plus Review [Updated x2]


The MG Delta Plus was an instant day one purchase. Another in the line of fantastic designs from Gundam Unicorn, the Delta Plus is a worthy descendant of Kazumi Fujita's famous Zeta Gundam. Like him, or hate him, I think Hajime Katoki's Delta is fantastic. Design wise it's hard to argue against the aesthetics, but how would it fare as a Master Grade kit? As any Gundam modeler will tell you Bandai doesn't have the greatest of track record when it comes to transforming kits, both within and outside of the Zeta inspired lineage. So how well does this newest addition hold up? Let's take a look...


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