Gunpla Display Cabinet 2 - Cabinet Harder

Over a year ago I set about putting my Gunpla models into a display case of their own. The intent was to not only display them properly but help protect them from the ever present threat of dust. This was the result. It was initially evident that I didn't have enough room for everything but lacking floorspace there wasn't much I could do about it. Since then I've been lucky enough to upscale my living conditions, and from that, my Gunpla display situation. Though, I'm not sure I have enough space now either.



Construction Recap

The shelves and everything associated with it are from Ikea.


Billy Bookcase - $99 each

Morebo Glass Doors - $50 each

Glass Shelves - $10 each

Inreda Lights - $50 each, four lights per set (I'm using a total of eight), plus some associated cabling


While not exactly dirt cheap they're considerably less expensive than a traditional curio cabinet. I had some issues getting them all in place, most relating how they're resting on carpet. None of them seemed to rest perfectly aside one another so I had to secure them together at the top. Most noticeably, because of the surface I suspect, none of the doors line up perfectly from one cabinet to the next. They're not exactly designed to be easily adjustable with high degrees of accuracy so I did the best I could before giving up. In addition the doors never seem to meet up perfectly in the middle. My first one, and the additional three, all left an unsightly 2/3 inch or so gap down the the middle. To mask this and help make the cases more air tight I just applied some black weather stripping. Unfortunately they're far from air tight and I think I need to apply more weather stripping here and there. Since I set these up a few months ago the higher shelves accumulated a bit of fine dust. Far less than any other environment in my place but noticeable on the glass shelves. Hurray for dusting!



Here are a few photos of how it looks headed into 2014. I'm pretty much at capacity without it being too crowded. I did what I could to keep kits clustered together series or theme wise but there are a few odd exceptions here and there. There are a few non-model things here and there, like the Albion, Gundam: The Origin collection, and König Monster. The kits on top are unbuilt for one reason or another. I suppose as I add more kits I'll have to move the non-models and WIPs somewhere else.




Cabinet 1 Top                                                      Cabinet 2 Top



Cabinet 1 Bottom                                                      Cabinet 2 Bottom



Cabinet 3 Top                                                      Cabinet 3 Top



Cabinet 3 Bottom                                                      Cabinet 4 Bottom



The vast majority of my model collection is housed in these cabinets. Only a few things, like my Metal Gear Rex, are elsewhere. Here's a full list of everything, top down, left to right. Where possible I linked them to a page on the build or an associated Flickr gallery. Kits are in various stages ranging from finished, to snap built, to somewhere in betwee. Most of the stuff on the lower shelves are WIPs.


Up Top

1/400 Musai
MG Lukas's Strike E + IWSP
MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam - Gunpla Expo Clear Edition
HG Dendrobium
Samurai 7 Benigumo
Liger Zero
Glorious Grade Char's Gouf (Metallic Edition)


First Cabinet

PG Zeta
Mega Size RX-78-2 Gundam
PG RX-78-2 Gundam
RG RX-78-2 Gundam
MG RX-78-2 Gundam 3.0

PG Astray Red Frame
PG Strike Freedom
PG Strike Gundam

PG Strike Gundam + Aile Striker
PG Skygrasper + Aile Striker
PG Skygrasper

1/400 Ptolemaios
MSIA Musai & Dendrobium
MSIA Albion


Second Cabinet

MG Turn A
MG Gouf Custom
MG "RaDGok"
MG Nemo

MG Nu Gundam ver. Ka
MG Nu Gundam
MG Sazabi ver. Ka
MG  Hyaku Shiki
MG Astray Red Frame
MG Astray Blue Frame
Hard Graph M61A5 Semovente MBT

EX Hildolfr
MG Gundam Exia
MG AGE-1 Titus Gundam
MG Strike + IWSP
MG Griffon Flight Type
MG Patlabor
MG Nemo x4 (Zombies!)

MG Crossbone Full Cloth
MG Zeta Gundam Plus A1
MG Zeta Gundam C1

MG Kaempfer x2
MG GM Ground Type
1/100 Dahgi-Iris
MG Zaku 2.0 (Johnny Ridden)
MG The O


Cabinet 3

MG Unicorn Gundam (Nu Gundam Colours)
MG Unicorn Gundam
MG Banshee Gundam
MG Sinanu Stein

MG Full Armor Banshee Gundam
MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam - Gunpla Expo Clear Edition
MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam - Prototype Version
MG Banshee Gundam (Titans Colours)
MG Detla Plus

MG Unicorn Gundam
MG Jesta
MG Sinanju (ver. KaOVA)

MG Rick Dias
MG Rick Dom
1/100 Gundam X Divider
1/100 Gundam Double X
MG Victory Gundam + various core units

Robot Damashii König Monster
Swordfish II
Alter Super Sylph Yukikaze
1/100 G-Falcon
Outlaw Star


Cabinet 4

Megal Size AGE-2 Gundam
Ichinanashiki Morito Tsugumori Hakugetsu Kai (Knights of Sidonia)
PG 00 Gundam

PG Zaku II
PG MK II (Titans and AEUG colours)

PG Wing Zero Custom
MG Ex-S Gundam

MG Destiny Gundam (Extreme Burst Edition)
MG Ball ver. Ka
MG RX-78-2 Gundam (1.5 version I believe)
MG Zaku II 2.0
MG RX-78-4 & RX-78-5 Gundams
MG Ez-8

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