Layman's Gunpla Guide - Paint References

As I mentioned over here I've started to test all of my paints on cheap plastic spoons to get the feel for a colour before applying it to a kit. Instead of just hogging them for myself I've decided to share them here. Granted, there's no better experience then testing out the colours yourself. The true colour of the paints will vary from the photos due to fluctuating camera settings and even the setup of your own monitor.


Note - The shade of these colors may change based on usage, especially the underlying base coat. All of these paint samples done straight on top of white plastic spoons. Unless otherwise stated there no primer or top coat has been used.


Model Master Acrylics

Model Master - Purple Pearl

Model Master - Grape Pearl

Tamiya Acrylics

Tamiya - Flat Red XF-7

Tamiya - Lemon Yellow X-8

Tamiya - Desert Yellow XF-55

Tamiya - Metallic Blue X-13

Tamiya - Blue X-4

Tamiya - Medium Blue XF-18

Tamiya - Field Blue XF-50

Tamiya - Sea Blue XF-17

Tamiya - Green X-5

Tamiya - Pruple XF-16

Tamiya - Sky Grey XF-19

Tamiya - Dark Sea Grey XF-54

Tamiya - Medium Grey XF-20

Tamiya - Light Grey XF-66

Tamiya - Neutral Grey XF-53

Tamiya - German Grey XF-63

Tamiya - Chrome Silver X-11

Tamiya - Gold Leaf X-12

Tamiya Sprays

   ** For the most part Tamiya sprays leave nice light coats and are the most recommended/preferred brand of spray cans out there today **
Mica Red TS-39

Tamiya - Bright Mica Red TS-85

Tamiya - Metallic Red TS-18

Tamiya - Lavender TS-23

Tamiya - Orange TS-12

Tamiya - Chrome Yellow TS-47

Tamiya - Light Green TS-22
Metalic Green TS-20
This paint was used on my FA Unicorn Prototype Version.

Tamiya - Intermediate Blue AS-19

Tamiya - Metallic Blue TS-19

Tamiya - Blue TS-15
Deep Metalic Blue TS-53
If I remember correctly, this was the paint I originally used on the blue parts of my FA Unicorn project. After a dull coat the paint lost it's blue and was pretty much a flat black.
Tamiya - Dark Mica Blue TS-64
I'm not sure what happened, it may just be an issue with my particular can, but the spray was uneven, resulting in a splotchy appearance.

Tamiya - Navy Blue AS-8

Tamiya - Blue Violet TS-57


Tamiya - Purple TS-24

Tamiya - Gold TS-21

For the most part Tamiya's gold is pretty solid. However, it is easy to get a blotchy coat if you spray too thickly.

This paint was used on my PG Strike Freedom and MG Banshee.

Tamiya - Insignia White AS-20

Bare Metal Silver AS-12
Gloss Aluminum TS-17
Tamiya - Silver Leaf TS-30

Tamiya - Mica Silver TS-76

Tamiya - Light Gray AS-2

Tamiya - Med Sea Gray AS-11
Medium Sea Gray 2 (RAF) AS-32

Tamiya - Gunship Grey TS-48
Gun Metal TS-38
This paint was used on my MG Banshee.

Tamiya - Matt Black TS-6

Tamiya - Semi Gloss Black TS-29

Tamiya - Black TS-14

Metallic Black TS-40
This paint was used on my MG Crossbone Full Cloth.

 Tamiya Clear Sprays

  Tamiya's clear sprays are great for adding color and depth to clear pieces. Eyes, lenses, beam sabers, effect peices. It's a must have. Note that the final look of a clear colour is highly dependant on what's below it.

Tamiya Clear Red TS-74

Tamiya Clear Orange TS-73

Tamiya Clear Blue TS-72

Tamiya Smoke TS-71

Clear Blue Test...
Tamiya Clear Blue on top of Rustoleum Silver

 Testors Sprays

Sublime Green 2967
Saphire Blue Metalic

Testors Sprays - One Coat Lacquers

   ** I love these sprays. Not only are the colours great but they tend to spray really well. But, and this is an important but, if you spray too thickly the paint will clump up. It may say one coat, but applying several light coats is still the best method. Example 1 and Example 2. The only fix from this mistake is to sand down and repaint. **

Testors Lacquer Revving Red
This paint was used on my MG Red Frame.

Testors Lacquer Lime Ice

Testors Lacquer Icy Blue
This paint was used on my MG Blue Frame.

Testors Lacquer Purple-Licious
This paint was used on my MG Nemo projects.

Testors Lacquer Diamond Dust

 Model Master Sprays

  ** In general, Model Master sprays are way too thick and should be avoided **
Model Master - Guards Red 2918
This paint was used on my PG Strike Freedom.
Model Master - Grabber Orange

Grabber Orange is the same colour orange Ford uses on their Mustangs. Personally I don't think they match that closely.

This paint was used on my MG Victory Gundam.

Model Master - Flat Gray 1930

Model Master - Silver 1246

Model Master - Chrome 1290
I'm not sure if it was this spray can but I'm not about to buy another to test. As you can see, the spray was awful. Looks like it has the pox.

Model Master - Classic Black 2921

Rustoleum Sprays


Valspar Sprays

Valspar - Light Green Satin

Valspar - Mossish Green Satin

Valspar - Dark Green Satin

Valspar - Dark Purple Satin

Valspar - Stainless Steel
I really don't see the resemblance to stainless steel...

 Krylon Sprays - General

Krylon - Sun Yellow
 Though the cap looks like a solid yellow, great for v-fins, the spray is actually much too bright.
Krylon Indoor/Outdoor - Flat Black

 Krylon Sprays - Misc Types

Krylon Glitter Blast - Orange Burst

Krylon Glitter Blast - Lucky Green
Think Saint Patrick's Day, Leprechauns
Krylon Glitter Spray - Glam Green
The glitter appears to be sprayed along with a clear coat of some sort. I wouldn't have noticed if some of the fluid hasn't ran a bit. Excessive coats may alter the appearance of any base coat underneath.

Krylon Sprays - Primers

  ** Krylon primers are extremely easy to use and provide a nice smooth coat. Highly recommended. **

Krylon Primer - Black

 This paint was used on my PG Strike Freedom.

Krylon Primer - Gray
[Not Pictured]

Krylon Primer - White

While both the gray and black primer sprays put a decent amount of particulate in the air, the white primer is 100x worse. This is definitely something best used outside or in an easily cleaned environment.

The Army Painter - Primers

The Army Painter - Pure Red
Looks great, but seems to apply a bit thick. Extra coats still needed for darker pieces. Puts out a crap load of paint particulates to spraying outside is a must.

The Army Painter - Army Green


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