Layman's Gunpla Guide - Recommended Sites


There are a lot of great news sites for Gunpla, Gundam, and other Japanese plamo... but they tend to be in Japanese if you want the hot scoops. My go to sites are

Your best source for English language updates, outside of your local community, is Gundam Kits Collection



  • Dalong is my go to for kit reviews. This Korean site has detailed photos and reviews of nearly every Gundam model kit out there, complete with manual scans and part breakdowns. It's probably the most vaulable resource for collectors and builders out there.
  • Schizophonic9 
  • Gaijin Gunpla

There's also a hundred different YouTube reviewers these days. You should check out the r/Gunpla wiki for a list of some of the more popular channels.



The most comprehensive list of tutorials out there is over on the r/Gunpla wiki. If there's something you're looking for specifically start there.


Builder Blogs & Vlogs 

There are so many great builders out there. This is far from a comprehensive list. Most of my time it spent on r/Gunpla or one of the Discord communities linked below.


Gunpla Communities

  • Gundam Australia Forum - A HLJ community filled with friendly builders from all skill levels.
  • Zero-G - A Malaysian gunpla community with a ton of professional builders.
  • r/Gunpla - Reddit's own Gunpla community


Miscellaneous Information

Translated Model Kit Color Guides - Most gunpla manuals include a little listing of paint ratios for an optimal color match. Unfortunately, they're in Japanese... fortunately, Mech 9 has some translations.


For a list of stores check out Buying Kits & Their Levels

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