Layman's Gunpla Guide - Gundam Line Art Collection

Line art? What do I need line art for? When planning out a custom colour scheme for your build the best way to plan is to take some clean line art and go to down with an image editor. Take a clean piece of line art, select some colours, and have fun with the fill tool. It's a great way to get a general sense of what colours look good, and depending on the detail level of the kit/line art, even plan for what pieces get what colour. 

The best place for line art is a collection maintained on the Seesaa Wiki. I don't know who maintains and updates it, but they do a great job. If it's not there it probably doesn't exist. Since most of the categories are in Japanese, here's a quick link list by series.



Old Inventory ... just incase something happens to the above.


Char's Counterattack


Gundam AGE

Gundam 00

Gundam 0079

Gundam 08th MS Team

Gundam 0080

Gundam 0083

Gundam F91

Gundam SEED

Gundam Sentinel

Gundam Turn-A

Gundam Unicorn

Gundam Wing

Gundam X

Victory Gundam

Zeta Gundam


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