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Layman's Gunpla Guide - Sig Super Stripe

Sig Super Stripe in an interesting product I saw laying around at my local hobby shop. It's a tape with a fuel resistant adhesive meant for making easy pin stripes on RC cars. Always inquisitive I picked some up to see how it fared on gunpla. Cutting to the chase, it looks pretty good.

Click to Enlarge
| On Flickr

Click to Enlarge
| On Flickr

For the most part it's easy to apply and adds a nice look to a kit. Between the color and width choices there's a lot of potential. The problem is ends of the strip don't seem to adhere really well to unpainted plastic. For a special adhesive meant to stand up to fuel why it doesn't stick very well to bare plastic is beyond me. If you look closely at the kits above I made sure that the ends wrapped around to where they weren't seen and could be glued on or would be pinned under another piece. Perhaps it works better on a top coat, or paint, I haven't tried it. It's also a tad thicker than normal tape, so if you're planning on putting it along tight joints or articulation points, you might run into issues. With a little bit of planning and patience you could create some nice stripes easily and cheaply. For the professional it's not going to be a replacement for actually painting on stripes but will do just fine for the layman. If you're interested you can purchase some directly, Sig Manufacturing Co.

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